Don't leave for vacation before reading this mail!

I would first like to say thank you to all the Go- to- market organization for their tremendous efforts and achievements of sales goals during the last two quarters. You are our pillar and strength on which South EMEA organization stands.

It's  almost the start of a new quarter and would like all of you to make a new beginning keeping in mind previous quarter's learning's and experiences.

In the previous quarter we have achieved all our sales goals and you all have done exceedingly well. We continue to expect such a performance or even better in this quarter as well.  We have a tremendous opportunity in front of us and we need to make sure the market and us are prepare for this.

Proof Points of our success in the South

I wish all of you a great summer vacation, it is time to recharge our energy, and be with family and friends. I´m sure that with a positive, assertive attitude, nothing can stop us!